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Ethiopia Kena


From €11,00

Kenya Ndaroini AA


From €11,50

Brazil Daterra Santa Colomba

More info to come!

From €9,75

Colombia El Desvelado #1

From €11,00

Ethiopia Gora Kone


From €11,00
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Guatemala Santa Marta


From €10,50
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El Salvador El Carrizal


From €11,00

The Friedhats Sampler Box

You will get: Five bottles each filled with 100g of coffee beans roasted for filter Rwanda - Mahembe #1, Washed Indonesia - Frisca, Anarobic Natural El Salvador - El Carrizal, Natural Colombia - El...

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Rwanda Mahembe #1


From €12,00

Ethiopia Semeon Abay



Indonesia Frinsa Lactic



Hario V60 Filters 02 - Originals

The original V60 filter. For 02 size V60s. Made in japan. Pack of 40 paper filters.