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Ethiopia Kena


From €11,00

Brazil Daterra Santa Colomba

More info to come!

From €9,75

Colombia Villa Clabelina #3

From €11,00

Guatemala Peña Blanca


From €10,50

Peru Chinchaysuyo Gesha Blend

From €11,00

The Friedhats Sampler Box

You will get: Five bottles each filled with 100g of coffee beans roasted for filter    Colombia, washed Colombia, natural Peru, washed Ethiopia, natural Guatemala, washed   Please Note: Any...

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Colombia Santa Maria

From €12,50

Hario V60 Filters 02 - Originals

The original V60 filter. For 02 size V60s. Made in japan. Pack of 40 paper filters.


The Gift Card

Looking for a gift, but not sure what gift to give? Give them the gift of all gifts! A Friedhats Coffee gift card! Gift cards are delivered by email and contain...

From €13,00

Fuku T-shirt

Available in black or white. 100% cotton, made in Morocco, printed in Amsterdam. It says Friedhats on the front and has Fuku on the back in Japanese, which means good...


Aeropress Paper Filters

The original Aeropress filter. Made in the USA. Pack of 350 paper filters.


Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Grinder

The Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Grinder. This is the PRO version - which has some added improvements on the original Skerton grinder that we all made average filter coffee with 10 years ago...