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Ethiopia Kebede Maro #1 Filter


From €13,50

Ethiopia Kebede Maro #1 Espresso


From €13,50

Ethiopia Suke Quto Filter


From €12,50

Kenya Ndunduri AB Filter

From €13,90

Colombia La Maria Anaerobic Washed Espresso

From €13,00

Peru Quiquira Espresso

From €12,80

Peru Quiquira Filter

From €12,80

Brazil São Silvestre 040 Filter

From €13,50

Rwanda Gasharu Rugori Filter

Special LAST EVER FOREVER one off stock of the inimitable experimental Rugori. 15 bottles before it's gone for good :) 

From €12,60

Brazil São Silvestre 040 Espresso

From €13,50

Friedhats Diner Mug

Are you tired of drinking coffee from that same old mug? Do always wish you could fit just a little bit more coffee in there? Are yellow and white your...


Brazil Daterra Laurina Low Caf

From €12,80