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Brazil Alessandro Hervaz

From €9,30

Ethiopia Wosasa Filter


From €11,30

Ethiopia Wosasa Espresso


From €11,30

Kenya Gathatha Filter

From €12,90

Guatemala Buena Vista Filter


From €11,10

Pällo Group Brush

The Pällo group brush cleans your espresso machine group head like you would expect. It has a replaceable brush head and a metal pin for unblocking your steam wand (that...


Pällo Grindminder

The brush used by competition winners and professionals alike! Features: Natural and replaceable food-grade bristles . Three rows of stiff nylon bristles provide plenty of sweep for your counters. 


Peru Leandro and Isidro Espresso

From €11,00

Indonesia Java Radiophare Espresso


From €12,00

Hario V60 Dripper 02 size - Ceramic

The infamous V60 coffee dripper - 02 size in classic white. Ceramic and still hand made in Japan apparently. Features the iconic cone shape with a 60 degree angle, spiral...


Brazil Project AAA Natural Filter

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Peru Leandro and Isidro Filter

From €11,00