Article 1 Contact Details
Article 2 Definitions
Article 3 Offer
Article 4 Contract
Article 5 Price
Article 6 Payment
Article 7 Delivery
Article 8 Returns and Cancellations
Article 9 Complaints
Article 10 Disputes
Article 11 Intellectual Property
Article 12 Amendments

    Article 1. Contact Details

    Friedhats Coffee B.V., Nieuwe Hemweg 36, 1013CX, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Company number (kvk): 82736480

    Tax number (btw): NL862585144B01

    Website: Contact email:

    Article 2. Definitions

    These terms shall have the following meanings:

    Contractor: Friedhats Coffee B.V.

    Consumer: The recipient and or requester of products or services form Friedhats Coffee B.V.

    Article 3. Offer

    a. Friedhats Coffee B.V. supplies roasted and un-roasted coffee beans, coffee related products and merchandise.

    b. The offer of the good or service shall contain a full, detailed and accurate description to allow a complete assessment of said product or service. Any pictures of the product or service are truthful and any obvious errors made in the offer are not binding to the Contractor.

    c. Any limitations or conditions applicable to the offer shall be stated clearly in the offer. All products shown on the webshop are subject to availability.

    d. All offers make clear the price, applicable delivery costs, the right or not of withdrawal.

    Article 4. Contract

    a. The contract becomes valid only when the Consumer has accepted the offer and fulfilled the terms and conditions set.

    b. The Contractor shall endeavour to confirm acceptance of the offer promptly via email. No contract will subsist between the Consumer and the Contractor for the sale by it to you of any product unless and until the Contractor accepts your order by e-mail, confirming that it has dispatched your product.
    That acceptance will be deemed for all purposes to have been effectively communicated to you at the time that the Contractor sends the e-mail to you, whether or not you receive that e-mail.

    c. Products can not be bought for resale without prior permission by the Contractor.

    d. During completion of the contract via the webshop, all payment information and personal data is handled and secured by Shopify® inc and/or external payment portals or API's. These include but are not limited to: Mollie, Paypal, ING, Cropster.

    e. The Contractor collects data, within the limits of the law about factors relevant to concluding the contract via the webshop, during the completion of the contract and withholds the right to cancel or refuse the offer request or contract or attach special terms to the contract at any time, giving reason.

    Article 5. Price

    a. All prices indicated are excluding shipping or delivery charges. These are calculated and displayed at the completion of the checkout process once the delivery address details have been entered.

    b. All prices indicated in the provision of products or services in the webshop are including tax: ie BTW, VAT.

    c. The stated prices of the products and/or services provided shall not be increased during the validity period stated in the offer, excluding price changes due to changes in VAT rates.

    Article 6. Payment

    a. All amounts are to be settled by the Consumer before delivery of the goods and/or service unless otherwise agreed.

    b. The Consumer is required to inform the Contractor of any inaccuracies in the payment details in a prompt manner.

    c. In the event of nonpayment on the part of the Consumer, and subject to legal restrictions, the Contractor is entitled to charge any predetermined reasonable costs incurred to the Consumer.

    Article 7. Delivery

    a. The delivery address used by the Contractor to fulfil the contract is provided by the Consumer at the time the contract is made via the webshop.

    b. The Contractor shall exercise all due care when fulfilling the order contract and or request for the provision of goods and or services.

    c. The Contractor shall execute the accepted sales contract in a prompt manner (usually within 72hours), but within a maximum of 14 calendar days unless otherwise notified or agreed upon by the Contractor and Consumer. If the delivery has been delayed, or if an order cannot be fulfilled or can be fulfilled only partially, the Consumer shall be informed about this within 14 calendar days after ordering. In such cases, the Consumer is entitled to cancel the contract free of charge and with the right to possible compensation.

    d. The delivery of all products shall be carried out by PostNL or DHL Parcel or another courier or delivery service as designated by the Contractor. The Contractor guarantees that you will receive the order at least 30 calendar days after placement of your order.

    e. If the delivery of the ordered products and or services is deemed impossible, the Contractor shall make every effort to provide an equivalent replacement. It shall be made absolutely clear to the Consumer, before delivery, that a replacement product and/or service is being provided to fulfil the contract with the Consumer. The right of withdrawal from the contract shall not be excluded with replacement products. The costs of the return shipment are to be borne by the Contractor.

    f. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the risk of loss of and/or damage to products shall remain with the Contractor until the time that they are received by the Consumer.

    Article 8. Returns and Cancellations

    a. The Consumer has the right to cancel a contract for the purchase of goods without reason within 14 calendar days from the date of the completion of the contract. In accordance with the distance selling regulations coffee beans and foods products are excluded from this right to cancelation.

    b. During this 14 day period the Consumer must handle the goods and packaging with care. The Consumer shall return the product with all delivered accessories and, as far as reasonably possible, in the original condition and packaging to the Contractor in conformity with the Contractors instruction.

    c. The Consumer has the right to cancel a contract for the purchase of services without reason within 14 calendar days for the date of the completion of the contract.

    d. Should the Consumer exercise their right to cancellation of the contract all costs incurred in returning the items are at the Consumers expense.

    e. If payment for a good or service has been made by the Consumer, the Contractor shall refund this amount in full within 30 calendar days or receipt of the returned goods or notice of cancellation of the cancelled service contract.

    Article 9. Complaints

    a. Complaints about the undertaking and/or execution of the contract shall be submitted in a clear and descriptive manner to the Contractor within 14 calendar days of the conclusion of the contract.

    b. Complaints in regards to a product and/or service provided in a contract shall be submitted in a clear and descriptive manner to the Contractor within 14 calendar days of the conclusion of the contract.

    c. All complaints submitted to the Contractor shall be replied to in a prompt manner but within a period of 5 calendar days after receipt of the complaint. Should a complaint require a foreseeable longer time for handling, the Contractor shall respond within 5 days with a notice of receipt and an indication of when the Consumer can expect a more detailed reply.

    d. Complaints must be submitted by email to the email address

    e. In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved in joint consultation between the Contractor and Consumer then dispute settlement rules are applicable.

    Article 10. Disputes

    a. Contracts between the Contractor and the Consumer, to which these General Terms and Conditions apply, are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

    Article 11. Intellectual Property

    a. All images, text, digital material, packaging design, artwork and any other information contained herewith remains the property of Friedhats Coffee B.V. and can not be used without the express permission of Friedhats Coffee B.V.

    Article 12. Amendments

    a. Amendments to these General Terms and Conditions are valid only after they have been published in an appropriate way, provided that the provision that is most favourable to the Consumer shall prevail in case of appropriate amendments being made during the period of validity of the offer and/or contract.