We can ship up to a maximum weight of 20kg in total per order.

We endeavour to ship orders within three days of the date that the order is placed - Monday to Friday. 
Roasting occurs on Monday's and Thursday's after which we leave the coffee to de-gas. We ship filter coffee up to 7 days after roasting, and espresso is shipped up to 10 days after roasting. 

Shipping in the Netherlands

We use DHL Parcel with tracking to ship all packages within the Netherlands, which costs €3.95.

Orders over the value of €25 receive free shipping.

Shipping to the UK - as of August 2022

We ship to the UK with PostNL. Please expect orders to the UK to take from 5 - 20 days to arrive, sometimes these shipments get caught in customs and will take a little longer. We can ship a maximum of 2 kilos to the UK.

Shipping in the Eurozone

We use either PostNL and/or DHL Parcel to ship within the Eurozone. These shipments are tracked.

This is our 2022 shipping information:

Orders over the value of €75 receive free shipping.

Country Service Available Cost Transit Time (week days)
Austria DHL Parcel €13,00 2 - 3 days
Belgium DHL Parcel €7,90 1 - 2 days
Bulgaria DHL Parcel €21,00 14 days
Czechia DHL Parcel €14,00 3 days
Denmark DHL Parcel €19,00 5 days
Estonia DHL Parcel €21,00 4 days
Finland PostNL €25,00 14 days
France DHL Parcel €14,00 5 days
Germany DHL Parcel €8,00 2 days
Greece DHL Parcel €21,00 14 days
Hungary DHL Parcel €14,00 3 days
Ireland DHL Parcel €19,00 3 days
Italy DHL Parcel €19,00 1 - 2 days
Latvia DHL Parcel €21,00 4 days
Lithuania DHL Parcel €21,00 4 days
Luxemburg DHL Parcel €11,00 1 - 2 days
Poland DHL Parcel €12,00 2 days
Portugal DHL Parcel €20,00 5 days
Romania DHL Parcel €14,00 3 days
Slovakia DHL Parcel €14,00 3 days
Slovenia DHL Parcel €14,00 3 days
Spain DHL Parcel €19,00 5 days
Sweden DHL Parcel €20,00 5 days
Switzerland max 2kg PostNL €12,50 4 days
Switzerland PostNL €25,00 5 days
United Kingdom PostNL €10,00 5 - 20 days


Shipping outside the Eurozone and Rest of the World

We ship to a selection of countries outside of the Eurozone and throughout the rest of the World - you can choose between PostNL or DHL Express for these shipments. Below is a list of all the countries we ship to outside of the Eurozone.

Åland Islands, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Australia, Bahrain, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Vatican City, Iceland, Indonesia, Isle of Man, Israel, Hong Kong, Japan, Jersey, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mayotte, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Reunion, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Korea, Svalbard & Jan Mayen, Thailand, Turkey United Arab Emirates, United States

Delivery times via PostNL take significantly longer than those orders sent with DHL Express; below are the transit times for orders sent with PostNL* 

Country  Transit time (in week days)
Australia  6 - 12 days
Bahrain 4 - 11 days
China 7 - 15 days 
Hong Kong 4 - 7 days
Indonesia 9 - 15 days
Israel  7 - 14 days
Japan 4 - 8 days
Kuwait 12 - 25 days
Malaysia 6 - 14 days
Oman 5 - 21 days 
Phillipines 8 - 21 days
South Korea 8 - 14 days
Thailand 4 - 8 days
UAE 4 - 8 days
USA 4 - 30 days 

* These are the listed transit times for PostNL shipments, however these shipments run a higher risk of being taken into customs - at which point they do not need to be released for 30 days. Take the risk, order a natural - it'll last longer ;-)

Problems and Returns

If the coffee is not delivered and returned to us then we will make contact with you via email to find a way to correct the problem

If you were unable to receive the coffee and it is returned to us then we can resend it to you at your cost.

If the coffee is not delivered due to a fault our own we will make every effort to rectify the situation.

If you encounter problems with you shipment, the order or anything else. Please contact us at info@friedhats.com.