APAX Lab Mineral Concentrates

APAX Lab Mineral Concentrates

Water is one of the main ingredients in coffee. The thing that makes the cookie crumble so to speak. And if your cookie crumbler isn't top notch then the cookie just ain't crumbling right. Know what I mean?

Now let's take this same idea and think about water in coffee. Tap water just doesn't cut it, and remineralising your own water with a recipe of minerals is both time consuming and beyond the remit of most of our knowledge. APAX Lab have decided to make this easier by producing their line of mineral drops. 

Three different bottles to enhance three different profiles. 

TONIK [1] enhances vibrance and acidity within coffee, giving you a crisp, juicy brew. 

JAMM [2] enhances richness and depth by magnifying calcium and bicarbonate. Accentuating sweetness and creamy mouthfeel.

LYLAC [3] enhances floral notes, producing an elegant and refined cup with a silky mouthfeel. It does this through harnessing the qualities of sulfate and potassium. 

APAX Lab's 2024 prototypes were used by Martin Wolfl during his winning run at the 2024 Brewers Cup Championship; as well as countless other first place winners in their national Brewers Cup. Brew like a champ as we always say.

These mineral concentrates can be used in two ways: In brew water, by adding 3 to 4 grams of concentrate per litre of demineralised or low ppm water. Or in your coffee, by directly adding from 1 to 10 drops in the cup. 

In the roastery we've been experimenting with APAX Drops in Zero Water to good effect, which you can check out here.

Shake thoroughly before use. APAX Lab also recommend mixing their drops. 

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APAX Lab mineral drops