Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration for these texts. Coffee is always coming in and most of the time the taste is where the story comes from, like long drives into a pineapple sunset in a yellow Toyota mr2 with the lights that go up and a roof that comes down; or the Buddha-esque patience required to wait for the next bags of a boozy fermenty favourite.

But then a coffee comes and its personality is already formed. From birth - genesis you could say - the coffee speaks. This coffee is the Tiki Punch.

I’m going to set the scene now so pretend you’re closing your eyes whilst you’re reading this. We’re in Huila at 1470masl on producer Wilder Lazo’s El Rubi farm, surrounded by thick forest and a makeshift boxing ring (you know where we’re going), your eyes open and you’re in the middle of the ring, you don’t know who your competitor will be until they call out in a booming voice, “TIKI PUNCH.” Oh no. 200 hours of fermentation have left this SL28 varietal with a lot of power.

Thankfully you have your v60, you have your Commandante. It’s about to get ground. Ground into a vibrant cup, filled with tropical fruits, a touch of sour sugar, complex acidity and a little funk.