The Super Special Sampler Box is back. And this time we mean business. We mean Gesha. Don't say we don't treat you. 

Without further ado, below you can read all about what's made it in this edition. 

We’ve been working with Catur for the past 2 years for their funk-forward approach to processing Indonesian coffees, and this collaboration between themselves and the Janson Farm is some of their finest work.
Panama is known for its extremely high quality Gesha’s, and this is no exception. Fruity, floral, candy like finish; this cup has it all.

The Janson family farm has a rich history and present, sitting at 1600 - 1700 masl in Chiriqui. Completely organic with no pesticides, the family are dedicated to the environment, with bee hives across the land. As well as being committed to the landscape the family also has day care facilities at the farm for workers and provides schooling for kids (and adults) who otherwise don’t have the opportunity to study.

Cafe Granja la Esperanza has been one of our favourite producers for Super Special coffees for years. Their ability to produce such complex, high quality cups across their farms is no easy feat.

This natural Gesha comes from their Las Margaritas farm, sitting at 1570 - 1850 masl in Valle del Cauca. A well controlled fermentation phase and a higher concentration of sugar in the cherries lends this coffee its flavour intensity.
And intensity it has, boozy, funky, tropical, this isn’t your mother’s Gesha.

The moniker Gesha Clouds is a fitting one for this coffee from Milton Monroy’s San Cayetano farm, where the clouds hang low and create a mist across the landscape. At 1800 masl, nestled in the mountains of Tolima, this natural anaerobic is one of our most special coffees and we’ve sort of been hiding it away. Keeping it from the public until the right moment, and I guess that moment is now.

A coffee that won the Dutch Barista Championships in 2022 (roasted by us then too), this is a beautifully delicate and clean Gesha with notes of jasmine, passionfruit, and watermelon.