The spirits of Gesha… how far back does that span? The dates we have it on record go to the 1930s, but I have a feeling the real roots spread much further. Now think about all of those spirits in one coffee, spreading their psychic ancestral knowledge straight to the bean. Nice thought eh?

This Gesha comes from Wilder Lazo’s Finca Bella Alejandria, a roaming farm with some of the rarest beans you can find. Sitting at 1890masl it provides the perfect base for special coffees and this is one of them. As well as boasting distinctive varieties, Lazo also processes his own coffee with experimental methods that have been honed to perfection; the Gesha Spirits underwent an 140 hour double anaerobic fermentation which gives the spirits a pop.

Tea-like, with hints of bergamot, orange, and jasmine, this is a beautiful cup that I’ve had to stop myself from drinking every day.