David Dagua is one of the newest producers working with Osito, an importer we regularly work with. This means that sometimes there’s holes in the knowledge; the history of the farm and its owner haven’t yet been passed down and the coffee lore is yet to be developed.

This means I get to play detective. Yes. That means it’s time for me to start Googling “David Dagua coffee” until I get the full lowdown on this man and his work. Sometimes you get lucky and there’s a wealth of info out there about these farmers, but unfortunately for me this time all I got was LinkedIn profiles for people that definitely weren’t him, and the championship rankings of an online chess site where a man under the same name hasn’t played a game since 2019 (probably for the best as he wasn’t doing very well on there anyway).

So I guess we have to let the coffee speak for itself, shall we? Ok. This is a classically profiled Gesha coming from Tolima, grown at 2000 masl and undergoing a washed process. A sweet coffee with notes of black tea, nectarine, and some dark chocolate. It’s delicious. And sometimes with coffee that’s all you need to know - it’s delicious.