Peru Quiquira Filter


Peru Quiquira Filter


The thing with legends is that they stick around. They become ingrained into the collective cultural psyche. The future is shaped by legend, and the legend of the giant snake of Puno, Quira, is no different. Imagine a snake, as wide as a road (big enough to fit say, two lanes and space for those awful massive RAM trucks), as long as 5 double decker buses; now imagine that snake slithering through the forest looking for whatever it is that massive snakes eat.     

That’s the legend of the snake Quira, and that’s what this coffee is named after. Many would say that a giant snake passing through the forest would be a bad memory, but not for the people of Puno - this snake created a road that opened a path that allowed them to transport gold, later rubber, and then finally husk to cure malaria. And now coffee! 

This Bourbon variety was grown at 1800 - 2000 masl, a washed coffee with lots of brightness. This is the second year we’ve had this coffee, last year’s lot we described as chilled white grapes under a crisp blue sky… this year the grapes are juicier, crisper, the sky is clearer… so clear that your incantations to the giant snake king can be heard with  total clarity. 

Don’t forget to pray to the snake king this summer! He will forge you a path to your dreams <3 

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Peru Quiquira Filter