Peru Pastor and Elena


Peru Pastor and Elena

On to the next! This Peru might be mistaken for a washed ethiopian on your first sip, but it’s not! It’s an exciting example of what Peru can offer and we are very happy to share this with you. It’s from the farm San Fermin located in the Alto Inambari district in the Sandia province at around 1650 masl. It’s not far from Bolivia! Pastor and Elena have been growing coffee, amongst other things for 25 years, but have only recently started focusing on quality. In the cup it’s floral with citrus notes and a big chocolate malt sweetness.

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The area is actually known for award winning coffee, despite the fact that it has some pretty wild weather and that it is also very remote and lacks a lot of infrastructure. It is also known for it Coca production (and no not cacao, although that is also grown there - i’m talking about the leaves that get turned into that white powder…) Coca production is lucrative and is legal in small amounts, but farmers rip out their coffee plants in order to plant coca, which is a pity when it tastes like this! This coffee is made up of Red Bourbon and Typica varieties.