Peru Oscar Vasquez Filter


Peru Oscar Vasquez Filter


It’s heating up in here. And outside. But especially in here because the roastery is very hot and the Netherlands doesn’t really have air conditioning in buildings. This ain’t California sister! Somewhere else that probably doesn’t have much A/C is Cajamarca in Peru. Oscar Vasquez Becerra is a farmer from Cajamarca in Peru, and he’s growing Geshas (great segway into why we’re actually here right now).

Vasquez’s farm is in the El Cumbe community sitting at 1750masl, in a microclimate that allows for year-round harvesting. The climate here produces fertile lands and vegetation, and is known for being a top quality place to farm cattle. So if you’re looking for a succulent piece of grass fed steak, or a top scoring flat white then look no further! 

Washed processed, and tasting in the cup like raspberry ganache and orange blossom, with some citric acidity. A classic gesha with a bit of something something. 

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Oscar Vasquez Filter