Peru Anastacio Mamani Chambi Filter


Peru Anastacio Mamani Chambi Filter


Anastacio Mamani Chambi’s San Alto Jose farm is a 10 hour drive from Puno - a city that sits at 4000 metres above sea level (really high). All the way down from the highest areas of the Andes, to the lush vegetation of the Peruvian jungle is San Alto Jose; a secluded and well positioned place for growing high quality coffee, nestled at 1800masl (still pretty high). 

Farming now for 18 years, Mamani Chambi has developed strong roots within the community and the land. This Gesha offering we have from him is a beautiful example of a washed Peruvian Gesha, with notes of brown sugar, white tea, and peach. 

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Anastacio Mamani Chambi Filter