Indonesia Gayo Bener Meriah Filter


Indonesia Gayo Bener Meriah Filter


Collaborations between farmers, producers, and processors are one of the things that help keep coffee interesting. Central Sumatera Coffee is a family owned business, growing their own coffee but also working with surrounding farmers to produce the best quality beans with special processes. 

Grown at 1300 - 1400 masl in the Aceh region, the Gayo Bener Meriah is made up of Abyssinia and Bourbon varieties and processed as an anaerobic natural. The fermentation time on this coffee takes 5 - 10 days, alongside a drying time of 3 - 4 weeks. 

This is our favourite of the Catur coffees, with a beautifully floral, butterscotch, dried fig taste, underscored by some classic Indo earthiness. A real complex cup that highlights the best of the work Catur are doing. 

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Indonesia Gayo Bener Meriah Anaerobic Natural Filter

Catur’s definition of themselves as Agents of Change is a slogan which comes from a place of authenticity. The work Catur are doing within Indonesia is changing, developing, and positively impacting the lives of farmers. I had a big deep dive into Catur when we got 3 of their lots in, and their story is fascinating and well worth taking the time to look into. This documentary on their work (click here!) in Indonesia is a great watch to learn more about the social impact they have and the ideology behind bringing experimental processing to the fore in Indonesia.