Indonesia Frinsa Rujak Bebeg Anaerobic


Indonesian Frinsa Rujak Bebeg Anaerobic

Frinsa is back again for a new season of craziness and this year it’s going to blow your mind! This is the third year that Jamie from Nordic Approach has been working with Fikri and Wildan from Frinsa to experiment with processing techniques. This harvest the conversation was about making an even funkier lot and they took that seriously. They came back with this coffee - a 14 day anaerobic natural. They cupped it together and Fikri mentioned that it tasted like a local Indonesian dish - Rujak Bebeg. Jamie's mind was blown so bad he had to write his cupping notes in capital letters! So, here it is: High intensity, with notes of smokey cacao nibs and umeboshi.

We have gone with an omni roast for this coffee, but be warned as an espresso it packs a punch!

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The Frinsa collective was started in 2010 by producer Wildan and his wife Atieq Mustofa. With an eye on quality they have built up the collective and now have 6 main plots of land located in West-Java all at between 1300 and 1500 masl. They also own a wet mill, dry mill and a well ventilated storage facility (which is important in Indonesia) which means they have complete control over the whole process. This lot is from the 60 hectare  Weninggalih plot and is made up of the Sigarar Utang, Andung Sari, Ateng, Timor (Borbor, Timtim) Varietals.