Guatemala Ixtatil Filter


Guatemala Ixtatil Filter


Do you know how many rainbows there has to be in a place for the place to then be named after one? A lot I’d assume. Arcoiris is the Spanish term for rainbow, and the namesake of the farm where this coffee originates. At 1750 - 2300 masl, I’d say the proximity to the sky probably helps with the arcoiris situation (but I’m not a scientist so I have no idea how it works). 

This is the second year of us having the Ixtatil, from the family farm of Francisco Javier Martinez Recinos - a man who has been farming coffee for most of his life, and at 70 years of age is still continuing to hone his considerable expertise. 

A Bourbon varietal with some interesting flavour notes - milk chocolate and kombucha acidity. 

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