Ethiopia Shakisso Filter


Ethiopia Shakisso Filter


A lovely washed coffee to drink on those hot summer days (when you can get them). This year we have the pleasure of offering a coffee from the famous Shakisso farm owned by Haile Gebre - the so-called godfather of Guji coffee.

In the cup you’ll find it slightly floral, like a lemon ice tea on a hot summer day.

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This lot is made up of cherry from 380 neighbouring outgrowers growing coffee at around 1800 masl in the Oromia region of Guji. The cherries are processed at the Shakisso washing station and then dry milled and exported by Haile, under his official business name Moredocofe. Trabooca then organises shipping, import and warehousing. It’s important to realise that this kind of transparency has not always been possible in Ethiopia and this is a great step forward!