Ethiopia Negele Gorbitu Anaerobic Omni


Ethiopia Negele Gorbitu Omni

Two years in a row we’ve written stories about tropical getaways, emotions and locations evoked by the Negele bean. Sports cars, sun, tropical fruits and cocktails. Well strap in because this year is no different. 

The cold has set in across the Netherlands, you’re looking for a getaway. You ring the travel agent and you ask them where the best budget trip with scorching sun is. They send you off to some hot land, with palm trees, beautiful people, and affordably priced cocktails (nice one!) You wake up and the sun streams through the window, you’re wondering where on this paradise island you can get a good cup of coffee (not even this story has good hotel coffee, sorry). You jump in your soft top convertible after a tip from a local, and make your way to the finest coffee hut in town. 

Now, you take a seat, the barista looks at you and they know what you’re here for, you’re here for something real funky, real special; that boozy, tropical, sunkist coffee that makes the sunrise look pale in comparison. It’s the Negele. An anaerobically processed coffee that was fermented for 4-5 days, this lot is made up of 3 varietes that were grown at 1995 - 2020 masl: Kurume, Dega, and Wolisho.
It's a bit cleaner than last year, a little less extreme maybe, but It will still make your eyes pop (in a good way) 

I think that summarises it well enough. 

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Ethiopia Negele Gorbitu Anaerobic Filter