Ethiopia Bombe Filter


Ethiopia Bombe Filter


It. Is. Back!

The long wait is over. The Fresh harvest from Bombe washing station in Sidama is back in stock!

Bombe is actually one of three washing stations owned by the Daye Bensa group. The other two - Shantawene and Keramo are also famous for the quality and quantity of coffee they produce.

As per last year its made up of local varieties setami, mikicho, 72/158, 74/110. As you will remember I am sure, it's sweet and funky with notes of milk chocolate and strawberry.

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 Ethiopia Bombe Filter

This lot is from almost 700 smallholders growing coffee at around 2230masl on the slopes of the Bombe mountains (where the name comes from) in the Bensa District.

Since 2018 these smallholders have delivered their best cherries to Bombe. The station itself and the processing is all very well organised and run by a team, which includes Atkilt Dejene a female agronomist who previously worked for Gesha Village and Eyasu Bekele, a processing specialist who worked on the Reko Koba project. All of these things combined is what makes this coffee so great!