Colombia Tunzara Filter


Colombia Tunzara Filter


Baltazar Tapasco has been farming coffee for 40 years. That’s a long time. If you’re married that long they call it a ruby anniversary, so I guess I’m calling this a ruby coffee. Tapasco and his wife Ligia have always grown coffee, and now with them both nearing 70 years of age, their son William is taking over at the reigns when it comes to processing and improving. 

The Tapasco family farm La Mateguadua sits at 1918 masl in San Lorenzo, an indigenous reserve in the western part of Caldas. The farm is a part of San Lorenzo’s cooperative which seeks to protect their environment through conserving water sources, animals, and nature in general; because of this people who are outside of the community are not allowed to enter except for companies that work with them. Tapasco himself practices Good Agricultural Practices through stumping his trees - currently his yield is much lower than in previous years, but once the trees come back to fruition it’ll be much higher.

This Castillo offering is a crispy, sweet coffee with notes of caramelised red apple and apricot.

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