Colombia Everts Moron Filter


Colombia Everts Moron Filter


This is a special coffee for many reasons, not just the flavour profile (which is a tropical punch lined with lactic acid), but also the connection we’ve got to the community producing it. The Arhuaco live in an indigenous reserve in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia, speaking their own language and practicing a life of harmony with nature and ancient knowledge. 

Co-founder Dylan had the privilege of visiting and spending time with the Arhuaco and Kogi Peoples in December of 2022 together with the Coffee School Project founded by Rodolfo Battle.

This project is aimed at helping the Arhuaco shift into specialty and spread thread their ideals about how to live in harmony with  the world.

The work of Coffee School Project has meant helping the Arhuaco to change their coffee selling from conventional bulk coffee to specialty; the location of their farms are perfect landscapes for specialty, sitting at 1600 - 1700 masl. 

This coffee, the Everts Moron, underwent a semi washed fermentation process which resulted in this fermenty, creamy, funky cup. Think raspberry ice cream and white chocolate. 

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