Brazil Santa Cruz Espresso


Brazil Santa Cruz Espresso


Fazenda Santa Cruz is owned by Francisco Sonseca Figueiredo, a man who has been working in the coffee industry since he was a child; sitting at 1000 - 1200 masl the farm produces a wide range of varietals and other agricultural products (cattle and honey baby!). Alongside his family, Francisco works hard to keep innovation at the fore of the farm - to the point where other neighbouring farms adopt their techniques in sustainability and conservation. Of a 960 hectare farm, 650 hectares are dedicated to growing coffee and 180 hectares are their own nature reserve. 

That there is the real important stuff, sustainability and commitment to the local environment; but do you know what else is important to us? What does this coffee taste like. That’s another important question. Well, let me tell you.

This Yellow Catucai varietal tastes like Kinder Bueno (top-tier chocolate bar imo). It tastes like milk chocolate, it’s creamy with almond notes, and there’s even a slight hint of orange.  

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Brazil Santa Cruz Espresso