It doesn’t have to be decaf. Remember those times when it had to be? You’d go to that cool cafe, you knew your stuff - the difference between a washed and a natural, the importance of blooming… But still, you didn’t want to drink caffeine ALL the time right? We all know that decaf has some bad connotations, many deserved and some of them not but we’ve taken the stress away from the situation with a solution. An alternative. 
Low Caf. 
Our Low Caf Daterra Laurina is a smooth and bright omniroast that can be used for espressos and filters, grown between 1149 and 1150 masl. The Daterra farm this bean comes from is doing incredible things within the world of coffee and have become the only B Corp Certiifed farm, producing coffee that is carbon negative. 
With a focus on sustainability and good practice, the people at Daterra also started the Tree Ilion Project - a commitment to planting 20 million trees by 2030; their agricultural management is not only geared towards better soil health and better tasting crops, but also acts as a part of the solution to climate change. 
As well as being good for the world it’s good for you, at around 0.3-0.75% in caffeine (unroasted), in comparison to 1.2-1.6% of the caffeine in Arabica and even more shockingly 2.2% of caffeine found in a Robusta.

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