Kenya is known mostly for their output of fully washed coffees, being one of the highest quality producers of washed coffees in the world. The main growing areas in Kenya are Mt. Kenya and Mt. Elgon, the industry here is dominated by smallholders who mostly work in collaboration with FCS’ (Farmer Cooperative Societies). The history of coffee in Kenya is vast and sprawls across many different contexts and like many other origins, it has painful colonial roots. Recent focus and work has aimed to put power back into the hands of the people and give ownership to the farmers over one of the country’s biggest exports.

A country with round 3000 small estates, and 1,100 cooperate wet mills, we’re always on the hunt for a Kenya that lives up to the standards we know exist there. Recent developments in natural processing are reigniting excitement in Kenya, and our first natural Kenyan is here in 2022!

What notes can you expect from a Kenya? citrus, stone fruit, tomato consomme, blackberries


This ferment forward lot is one of the more exciting and unconventional coffees you’ll be able to try this year. Violet-like florals, black currants and plum hold the palate; and whilst it’s a natural process, it still has that familiar essence of a Kenyan coffee that everyone knows and loves.