Oooooooooooooooo what to say about our Indonesia's... They're funky. That's for sure. 

The history of coffee and Indonesia is a colonial one, as it is for many other origins. It's a difficult history and a narrative we're familiar with (especially within The Netherlands). Dutch colonialists brought coffee to Indonesia (coffee which they'd stolen out of Yemen, actually), and started plantations which were home to gruelling, inhumane conditions for the Indonesian people. When the Indonesian's reclaimed their independence, local governors divided the plantations amongst the labourers - to this day, over 90% of coffee produced across the Indonesian islands is grown by small family farms.

Indonesia is situated within the Pacific Ring of Fire - this is also where the largest number of highly active volcanoes sit. Natural disasters occur every year, but there is a silver lining - or a molten lining? A glowing red hot lining? - and this is a fertile soil and naturally high farms.

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