When it comes to superspecials, Cafe Granja La Esperanza is always on our list. There’s a reason for that. Most of Lex's all-time favourite coffees come from their productions. Our experiences with Cafe Granja start with the first barista competitions we competed in, serious super specialty.

The Sudan Rume has been Lex’s top coffee since he first tasted it in 2015, bursts of eucalyptus and sweet lime come through in this roast and with it he won the Dutch Brewers Cup. Want to drink like a champ at home? Then look no further.

It's been 7 years since Lex first sipped this Sudan nectar but he remembers it as if it was yesterday, “I remember this moment really well. I was cupping some coffee’s for competition, and this coffee was just astonishing.The name of the farm was Las Margaritas and I had heard about them because they were experimenting with many different varieties on a single farm, which was super interesting because it allowed us to taste the influence that variety had on the flavour of coffee. One of those varieties stood out. Sudan Rume.”

We’re still blown away by the extreme bright floral and herbal notes of this super clean natural coffee. If we could drink this every day we would. If we could change the water grid to produce litres of the finest brew of Sudan Rume we would. Please let us know if you can help.