Colombia. An origin that means a lot to us. Synonymous with our Super Specials offering and one of the most diverse origins, with a constant crop of high quality coffee.

The region has a 300 year history with the coffee plant, after being brought by the Jesuits. In terms of varietals we mostly see Caturra and Castillo, but also Tabi, Bourbon, and Typica (and that's not including the incredible range of Cafe Granja la Esperanza - where Gesha's take top spot). Flavour profiles are varied and complex, matching up to the incredibly diverse landscape Colombia has - micro-climates and high growing ranges combine with ideal soil conditions for some perfect cups.

Colombia's farmers are mostly smallholders, and unfortunately we are already seeing the effects of climate change with these microclimates suffering from dramatic effects. Smallholders operate on artisanal levels to achieve the best of their crop in their environment and adaptation to the consequences of climate change is a large undertaking.

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From the same family business of the El Porvenir natural Gesha we have this washed offering - the Puerto Alegre - a clean, delicate Gesha. Notes of blueberry, bergamot, and lime are underscored by florals and produces a sweet cup.

The family business, Lacia, oversees two farms - Finca Puerto Alegre and Finca La Esperanza. Puerto Alegre sits at 1450 masl and the generations of knowledge, as well as the younger generations’ drive to produce interesting and beautiful cups makes for a great combination.


Barbie season is NOT over. Except we’re not Barbie girls in Barbie worlds we’re… Bourbon girls in Bourbon worlds. PINK Bourbon worlds.

A semi-washed Pink Bourbon that underwent 2 fermentation processes, this coffee is a super sweet and juicy cup. Grown at 1800 masl on Freddy Correa’s La Primavaera farm, the sweetness shines through in notes of vanilla, salted caramel, white grape, and stone fruit - creamy on espresso, and just as delicious on filter.

SPOILER ALERT (DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN BARBIE (2023 DIR. GRETA GERWIG): when Barbie makes her journey through the human land and back again, she experiences true feeling, feelings that were not fully possible when she was just a plastic doll. This Pink Bourbon is so juicy, so flavourful, that I experienced a similar feeling. Removal from my meek, two dimensional, plastic senses, and up into a higher plain. Maybe you’ll like it too!

This is a special coffee for many reasons, not just the flavour profile (which is a tropical punch lined with lactic acid), but also the connection we’ve got to the community producing it. The Arhuaco live in an indigenous reserve in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia, speaking their own language and practicing a life of harmony with nature and ancient knowledge. Co-founder Dylan had the pleasure of spending time with the Arhuaco, which makes this coffee feel even more special to us.

The work of Coffee School Project has meant helping the Arhuaco to change their coffee selling from conventional bulk coffee to specialty; the location of their farms are perfect landscapes for specialty, sitting at 1600 - 1700 masl.

This coffee, the Everts Moron, underwent a semi washed fermentation process which resulted in the wild, tropical funk that makes the cup a warm sip of fun.