Colombia. An origin that means a lot to us. Synonymous with our Super Specials offering and one of the most diverse origins, with a constant crop of high quality coffee.

The region has a 300 year history with the coffee plant, after being brought by the Jesuits. In terms of varietals we mostly see Caturra and Castillo, but also Tabi, Bourbon, and Typica (and that's not including the incredible range of Cafe Granja la Esperanza - where Gesha's take top spot). Flavour profiles are varied and complex, matching up to the incredibly diverse landscape Colombia has - micro-climates and high growing ranges combine with ideal soil conditions for some perfect cups.

Colombia's farmers are mostly smallholders, and unfortunately we are already seeing the effects of climate change with these microclimates suffering from dramatic effects. Smallholders operate on artisanal levels to achieve the best of their crop in their environment and adaptation to the consequences of climate change is a large undertaking.

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It’s easy to envision farmers and think of an older generation with years of experience and many of the coffees we buy do come from these people, and it’s often a mark of quality when years of knowledge have gone into farming and cultivating the beans. But that’s not to say that the younger generation don’t also have their hand in a pretty high cup scoring pie… 

La Muralla is an informal group of young producers, most of which are in the mid to late 20s and based in one of Huila’s southernmost municipalities, San Agustin. Youth has an advantage, where there’s youth there’s an excitement and passion for producing high-end specialty coffee. This washed coffee we have from the producers is made up of Caturra, Castillo, and Pink Bourbon, all from farms that range from 1700 - 1900 masl. 

We’re all pretty impressed with this coffee, which has notes of chardonnay grape and sea salted caramel. A real beautiful every-day cup.