Colombia. An origin that means a lot to us. Synonymous with our Super Specials offering and one of the most diverse origins, with a constant crop of high quality coffee.

The region has a 300 year history with the coffee plant, after being brought by the Jesuits. In terms of varietals we mostly see Caturra and Castillo, but also Tabi, Bourbon, and Typica (and that's not including the incredible range of Cafe Granja la Esperanza - where Gesha's take top spot). Flavour profiles are varied and complex, matching up to the incredibly diverse landscape Colombia has - micro-climates and high growing ranges combine with ideal soil conditions for some perfect cups.

Colombia's farmers are mostly smallholders, and unfortunately we are already seeing the effects of climate change with these microclimates suffering from dramatic effects. Smallholders operate on artisanal levels to achieve the best of their crop in their environment and adaptation to the consequences of climate change is a large undertaking.

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Last year’s coffee from La Muralla was one of our favourites. From a collective of young producers in Huila, the group are all in their mid to late 20s, subverting ideas and images of what we might have when we think of the traditional coffee farmer.

That’s not to say there’s not importance in age and wisdom, of course there is - but there’s also positives to youth. Think a little zing, a little pep, the ability to think outside of the box, to push forward and make change. La Muralla work with Osito, an importer we also work with regularly, who claim that the average cup score to these coffees is so high that finding anything at 84 is a challenge. I guess that youthful glow doesn’t just pertain to the producers themselves.

This coffee is made up of mixed varietals, crisp and clean with red grape acidity and caramel sweetness grown at 1700 - 1900 masl.

Classics are good. They’re classic for a reason. Film stars, cars, dishes and recipes. Often we are striving for the different, the unique, but sometimes you have a coffee with a classic profile and it brings you to a place of real contentment. That’s how we feel about this washed Pink Bourbon from Gabriel Castano’s farm La Granada.

Grown at 1620 masl, this coffee has notes of caramel, maple syrup, dried fruits and apricots. It’s smooth, it’s like pancakes for breakfast, and it reminds us of some of the best classic Colombian profiles.

Gabriel Castano himself is a fine producer, with 8,000 trees and a reputation in his municipality for introducing Pink Bourbon trees to his fellow producers. Whilst he can now no longer drink coffee in his old age, he still commits to his farm with great care and says he wouldn’t trade lives with anyone. Thanks for this cup Gabriel.