La Victoria is 47 hectares of farm in the Ortega region of Tolima, owned by Aristobulo Rayo Mendez; the farm only has 8 hectares of coffee with 10 hectares of farm for preservation. That’s a lot of preservation. We like to see that. And with those 8 hectares what is he doing? He’s growing Castillo, Caturra, and Gesha. Those are some pretty good varietals to grow.

We’ve gone for the Gesha. Grown at 1830 masl and undergoing a washed process, we’re happy to announce this classically profiled Gesha is not only classique, but fruit forward and punchy with nectarine and orange blossom

Aristobulo is a member of Cafe Agrario, an association of producers that works with export company Siruma. Siruma invest in the association through workshops on processing and agronomy - vital parts of the puzzle for farmers.