You asked and we listened. Here’s the Friedhats go-to brew recipe. A la Lex Wenneker – one of the two men in charge. Dutch Brewers Cup Champ 2022 so you know it’s a good one. Ah, I can hear you now thinking, “a brewers cup recipe? But is that really something I can do at home? Every day?” yes! You too can brew like a champ, and it’s not even that hard.

There are a few key elements to this recipe, the main one being a cold bloom of 62 degrees Celsius, the low temperature bloom extracts more sweetness while protecting the volatile compounds responsible for acidity and flavour from overextraction. You don’t need two kettles for this, it’s totally fine to boil one, then separate some of your hot water into a little bit of cold for the low temp bloom process. For competition Lex used an Origami brewer, to allow more room around the filter – this meant he could grind finer and extract more flavours into the cup, however feel free to use a v60 (I do).

This is a three pour brew, and your total brew time should be around 2:30 seconds.


20g of coffee to 300g water – a 1:15 ratio = a juicy mouthfeel

50g bloom at 62 degrees Celsius. Bloom for 30 seconds.
Add 150g of water at 90 degrees Celsius.
At 1:10s add the third and final pour of 100g grams.

That’s it.

That’s the recipe.

This is a simple recipe, made simpler by the fact there’s no swirling and no wetting of the filter paper. Don’t forget that a good recipe is always made better by using the right water, don’t get your brewista all hot with water from the tap – go out and get bottled or a filter.
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