Friedhats Coffee Roasters.

A garage, two guys and a coffee roaster.
We are a micro roastery based in Amsterdam, sourcing and roasting the best coffee we can find.
Our focus is on providing quality coffee for wholesale and for you.
Sourcing it based on flavour.
Roasting it to accentuate its natural characteristics
Training people to make sure everyone can taste the results.
Producing a great product, honestly and with sustainability in mind.

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We can provide coffee to suit your tastes and requirements and train you to make it well.


We are constantly sourcing new coffees as the seasons change. We can provide a blend or single origin coffees to match the flavour profile you like and way you like to serve it.


We can advise you on your new cafe or bar layout to maximise efficiency, improve customer contact and make sure your making coffee the best you can.


From technical skills to workflow, we can provide full training for you and your staff.


Our goal is to provide great coffee, consistently. We strive to make sure you get what you need on time and with a smile.


  • Philosophy
  • Lex Wenneker

    Lex is the 2015 and 2016 Dutch Barista Champion and 2016 World Barista Championship finalist.
    But when Lex was a kid he wanted to be either a lawyer or a pro-climber.
    Today you can still find him climbing, but his focus shifted towards coffee eight years ago when he made his first real espresso at home, on a manual lever machine. The rest is history… In 2011 he founded De Espressobus. A classic Citroen HY foodtruck that he traveled around in, making coffee at festivals and events. He started roasting his own coffee, and opened a roastery and espressobar in Amsterdam called Headfirst Coffee Roasters: A magical place where great coffee was sourced, roasted and brewed.
    After Headfirst was shut down, Lex and Dylan decided they had to continue the work, so now one year later, they are back with a brand new roastery.

    Dylan Sedgwick

    From a small Island off the coast of Australia, Dylan has travelled some parts of the world, but washed up on the paved streets of Amsterdam and decided to stay. Dreaming of a career in music and sound production, he never realised coffee would lure him into its dark depths. His first job in the industry began in 2007 working for a coffee equipment repair company in Australia (actually). He later moved to London and found a solid footing in the coffee events industry and as a service technician. Finally, in early 2014 he landed his first Cafe job, working for Headfirst Coffee Roasters, where he met Lex. After two years of reckless high jinks, some pain and of course joy, that dream came to an end. One year on, in an old garage west of here, Dylan can be found at the helm of his own coffee roastery.

  • We are: two guys roasting coffee
    We are: Total Dissolved Solids, extraction yield and brew ratios, while just making a great coffee.
    We are: the latest technology, systems and information with a human control.
    We are: an old garage with very nice tools.

    We only sell coffee that tastes great, consistently and with transparency and honesty, and have fun while doing it.
    Sustainability is a starting point for us, not an end goal. We buy coffees directly from the farmers or from trusted importers.
    We want our packaging to be refillable, reused and recyclable.
    We want our coffee to always taste great, no matter who makes it
    But most of all, we want you to enjoy it as much as we do.


At Friedhats we also provide workshops for individuals and small groups.

These can be tailor made, ranging from tasting and cupping and espresso and filter coffee brewing basics to the theory of extraction and beyond.

Please contact us for more info.

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  • Balboastraat 29BG
    1057VT, Amsterdam Open Roastery 10am - 5pm Thurs
  • +31 655298976
    +31 646314112

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