Kenya SL28SL34

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250g bottle, whole beans

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It’s new, fresh and another great Kenyan coffee. This time from the Kirinyaga region. Guama factory or washing station is the collection point for around 1400 farmers, with farms ranging from 1500 – 1650 masl.
The cherries are brought in to the factory daily and then are quality checked, graded and separated. This is all in the name of better quality through more consistent bean size and ripeness.
The cherries are washed and pulped and for the next 3 weeks and are dried in the sun. The staff cover the cherries with plastic sheets everyday before sunrise to protect against the morning dew and during the day with shade nets if it gets too hot.
This is the kind of dedication that produces great coffee. Surprise, surprise its another coffee of the SL28/SL34 variety. We just can’t get enough! There are believe it or not other varieties that grow in Kenya, but nothing has quite the same ring to it or can yet beat the flavour of SL28/SL34.
In your cup is a bonanza of bursting black berries and blueberries. No, but seriously, it’s quite a ride.

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