Another Colombia in house! This time it’s not a funky, expensive, experimental coffee, but a very clean, sweet and smooth one.

We suddenly realised that we had a lot of natural processed coffee’s laying around, so we thought a washed coffee would be a nice change to break up all that funky sweetness.

This one is from Jose Roman Rodriguez’ farm La Esperanza located in the municipality of Garzón, Huila at around 1600 masl. Some say that Huila has a recognisable flavour profile, a perfect mix of sweet and fruit. All we know is that we love coffees from Colombia because they can be so different!

This coffee is a Colombia variety – an original name indeed. It was created by Colombia’s National Centre for Coffee Investigation Cenicafe (and yes, before you ask, the acronym works spanish not english) It is a cross of Caturra and the Timor Hybrid and as with a lot of varieties was all in the name of disease resistance and productivity of the tree. It also tastes pretty good!

It’s a washed coffee, which is the most common process in Colombia. The cherries are first de-pulped, dry fermented in tanks, then washed to remove the flesh and dried on beds.
Roofs are important here to hold out the rain and managing the high humidity in key to avoid problems.
That’s the detail, now brew it up and enjoy! It’s sweet cane sugar, orange and mandarin.


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