The Friedhats Sampler Box

Sampler Box

The Friedhats Sampler Box


New harvest coffees are in and we can again release a limited quantity of Sampler Boxes!

Five 100g bottles of five different coffees roasted for filter.

For the rest of September and into October we will be shipping out the box once a week on Wednesday. Any orders placed after Wednesday will be shipped the following week! 

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You will get:

Five bottles each filled with 100g of coffee beans roasted for filter:


  • Kenya Tano - Washed
  • El Salvador Finca El Salvador 48hr - Cherry Natural
  • Colombia Deiro Garcia - Anaroebic Washed
  • Ethiopia Bombe - Natural
  • Guatemala Las Peñas - Washed


Please Note: Any other products ordered with The Sampler Box will be shipped together with the box on your chosen shipping day.