Rwanda Nyamasheke Hills Espresso


Rwanda Nyamasheke Hills Espresso


All of our coffees are nice. Obviously. We expect them to be nice and we’re not surprised when they are. However some impress us a little more than we were expecting, this washed Red Bourbon from Rwanda was one of them. 

The Nyamasheke Hills washing station collects the cherries of 600 farmers whose farms sit from 1750 masl to 1900 masl; and the output is a selection of high quality coffees. Station manager, Louis Ndereyimana, was himself a farmer before opening the washing station, which helps to maintain the quality with this experience as both farmer and processor. 

As an espresso there’s more creaminess, almond, but still juicy; which carries over into the filter experience too - lots of bright juiciness and red currant, alongside a little bit of green tea on the tongue. 

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Rwanda Nyamasheke Hills Espresso