Rwanda Gasharu Impano Filter


Rwanda Gasharu Impano Filter


We’re closing off the year with a gift. Impano, the Kinyarwandan word for gift, is an experimental coffee from the Nyamsheke District which is so nice we’ve bought it twice. Maybe you remember from last year this sweet, funky, pastry like cup; maybe you don’t, and if you don’t I’m jealous you get to try it for the first time.

The Gasharu Mill and processing station combines the efforts of farmers across the county, sitting at 1800 - 2100 masl, it acts as a pillar in the community. This anaerobically fermented Bourbon is a funky, fermenty, fruity gift with a touch of something tropical.

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 Rwanda Gasharu Impano Filter

Coffee has not only the ability to wake you up and send your heartrate soaring, but more than that, coffee is viewed as an important asset that can “transform communities,” - this is how the farmers and processors who work together at the Gasharu CWS view coffee. 

Valentin Kimenyi says this on their outputs, “Coffee for our community is more than just beans. For a long time, coffee has been a reason for people to spend time together, for a family to go out and meet up with others after selling their coffee because they have some money to afford a drink and food at a restaurant. Particularly the famous “Igisafuriya” or “brochettes”. These are all values that people who are not from the community would not necessarily understand or would not care about. Having grown up with many farmers in the community, my family values what coffee means to the quality of life of the community and to the social cohesion that is essential for any society.”