Peru Ramos Ccoillar


Peru Ramos Ccoillar

From producers Amadeo Ramos Ccoillar & Elisa Paraguay Quispe and importer Lisanne from Sweet Coffee Grounds comes a great coffee from a new origin for us! Grown between 1750 and 1800 masl this coffee has notes of 80% Cacao, some nuts and a little citric fruit with vanilla.

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Some years ago one of the members of the Ramos Ccoillar family - originally from the Huancabelia region bought a section of highland jungle in the Junin region some 300km and started growing coffee, in search of new opportunities. Over the years more of the family followed including Amadeo with him partner Elisa and son. They weathered the storm that was Roya or leaf rust from 2011 - 2014 and are now producing some exceptional coffees.

Lisanne from Sweet Coffee Grounds has been working with the family and neighbours since 2017 to improve harvesting and processing techniques and experiment to improve cup quality for future harvests. What we have here is one coffee out of the first container brought over by Lisanne with Sweet Coffee grounds. It’s a mix of three varieties - Caturra, Bourbon and Pache (a natural typica mutation discovered in guatemala in 1949). Picked in august 2018, the berries are washed processed and dried on a new, hand made (Amadeo is quite the carpenter) solar drier. We are excited to taste what the future will bring with this great project, coffee and great people!