Peru Quiquira Espresso


Peru Quiquira Espresso


Close to the Bolivian border in the South of Peru there’s a lake called Titicaca. It’s the worlds highest navigable lake at a staggering 3812 meters above the level of the sea. Now imagine you’re in a small boat and you’re paddling. As you’re making your way East you’re going past many tiny islands and the whole scene is quite idyllic. It’s getting a bit chilly so you decide to go on land. You arrive in the Puno region, with it’s tropical jungles, valleys and cock-of-the-rock-birds. It is here where they grow amazing coffee along with other things like papaya, banana and hot pepper. So you eat some papaya’s and some banana’s. You leave the hot peppers but you do drink some coffee. Oh man, the coffee…It’s sooo good. It tastes like sweet chilled white grapes in a field under a blue sky on a crisp sunny morning. 

You slow down, and see. That everything belongs. 

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