Peru Pepe Montoya


Peru Pepe Montoya

From producer Pepe Montoya and his farm El Cedro
 comes a new lot to round off the season. This farm was bought by Pepe’s parents and since 2016 he has been producing coffees on a specialty level. It’s located near the district of La Coipa

 in the Cajamarca region at around 1750 - 1880 masl. High altitudes and the mix of Caturra and Bourbon varieties and a washed process makes this coffee sweet with a crisp acidity with notes of cacao, green apple marmalade.

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La Coipa is famous for producing some great coffees and is home to some Cup of Excellence finalists. This coffee is imported through Cultivar who is working with farmers like Pepe to increase cup quality by improving coffee processing and storage infrastructure. The potential is there, it is just a matter of time. It’s a long slow process that needs dedication year to year from all sides to see the change.