Peru Hugo Pereja Gesha


Peru Hugo Pereja Washed Gesha

Let me tell you the story of Hugo. Hugo Pereja and his wife Flor Lopez. 

A young married couple who, guided by the coffee tradition of Hugo's mother, have made coffee their main livelihood. Hugo has been growing coffee on his own farm since he was 17 years old and now at 39, he shares this work with his wife and his three children. Initially, they cultivated Typica variety, but 6 years ago he was given a new coffee seed that was well known for its quality. Without even knowing the name of this seed, Hugo went to work. After 3 years when they harvested their first coffee cherries, the cooperative gave him the good news that their coffee had a very good cup score that could only get better, so they gave them more seeds and training to continue improving their processes.

Hugo is our kind of guy. That’s why we bought his coffee. If you also like Hugo, you can buy his coffee too. 

It's clean, it's silky sweet with lot's of subtle floral notes. 

Thanks Hugo, you're the best

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Assistance from the cooperative also included knowledge on how to improve selective picking and monitor fermentation so that they could get the most out of their beans. Over time Hugo and Flor have become aware of the potential of growing this new variety that they now know very well: Geisha. They have set up their own nursery of 1000 geisha seedlings that they hope to plant on another 0.75 hectares in March. It is believed that the original Geisha seeds got cross-pollinated with other varieties from the same area, creating what they have named the “Inca Geisha”, a mutation of the Geisha variety that is unique to this particular environment. Hugo also grows Typica, Bourbon, Caturra and Catimor. Biodiversity and shade are important to him as he’s got different tree species on his farm: pisonay, pacae, barbasco, alder and pines.