Peru Faustino & Sara


Peru Faustino & Sara

Our second coffee from this year's harvest is from Faustino and Sara Flores Benegas and their farm La Mandarina, located in the San ignacio province of Cajamarca. It’s made up mainly of Yellow Caturra and a little Bourbon, which are grown at around 1710masl. It’s a washed coffee with notes of nougat, a little blackcurrant and a floral finish.

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This washed coffee is fermented on average for 36 hours in an open cement tank before being washed in clean water and dried in a solar drier for 18-28 days.

Faustino is a second generation coffee farmer and was at first sceptical about producing specialty coffee. He was convinced by his son, who had planted some new varieties including geisha on their farm as a test. The small samples of harvested cherries cupped very well and that was enough to convince Faustino and the whole family, that it was indeed worthwhile. The local community is also becoming interested in improving the quality of coffee on their farms and are slowly opening up, learning from each other and sharing information.