Kenya Ndaroini AB


Kenya Ndaroini AB

This is our second year supporting Trabocca and their project with the people of the Ndaroini washing station in Nyeri. It’s been a challenging year, but they have overcome the odds and produced more and better quality coffee and are now the best paid growers in Kenya! This year we purchased an AB screen size lot, it’s grown at 1800masl and made up of SL28 and 34 varieties - It’s thick, cane sugar sweet and has notes of lemon and blackcurrant.

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There was some anxiety, this year, from the members of Ndaroini as the pandemic delayed payment, the cold season lasted longer than usual and the rain came earlier. These challenges along with some small outbreaks of coffee berry disease meant production was still not as good as it could be, but it’s a process that takes time and the people of Ndaroini are, for the first time, optimistic about the future. 

What has changed since the last harvest? 

They cut ties with the Gikanda Cooperative Society Ltd and sold direct to Trabocca becoming the best paid growers in Kenya. 

They gained 200 new members growing to 1400 in total and increased their production by 350t.

They installed new drying nets with bigger holes for better airflow and they have a new moisture meter that is calibrated correctly.

They installed a new eco pulper allowing more efficient processing of the cherry.

They have hired an agronomist to improve farming practices and management.

In the coming years, they plan to increase yield and quality of the berries and improve production techniques and Trabocca will continue to pay at least 100Ksh per kg of cherry. We will also continue our commitment to buy their coffee and support this project and the people of Ndaroini.