Kenya Karimikui


Kenya Karimikui

Kenya AB Karimikui #097 Our second coffee from Kenya this season and its bangin!

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You may have seen this coffee around a bit, it’s been a popular kid on the block this season and theres good reason - it’s lovely.

Its from the Karimikui factory or wet mill as they are also known, established in 1966 in the also well known Kirinyaga region, where tea is more widely grown than coffee. The coffee grows at around the 1650 masl mark and about 600 farmers from the area contribute to this factory! It’s part of the Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society who are also responsible for other big name factories like Kii for example

Kenya in general produces mainly washed coffees, where the cherries are ‘dry’ fermented then washed and graded before being dried on raised beds (for good airflow).

The AB is simply a code for the bean size, which the coffee is also graded in - AA is bigger than AB just fyi. As always, its mainly SL28 SL34 variety but some other lesser known varieties like K7, Ruiru 11 and Batian sneak in unnoticed.

Farmers in Kenya still struggle to make a living from coffee and there has been word lately of trees being ripped out and replaced by Avocado plants or apartment blocks as the cities grow.

We can only hope we can help make coffee more viable for farmers so that it doen’t disappear completely! Thats maybe a bit dramatic, but enjoy this coffee. Savour it and think about how lucky you are ;-)

This ones typical Kenya - Jammy blackberry and red currant and a little hibiscus too.