Kenya AA Kaguyu #019 Filter


Kenya AA Kaguyu #019 Filter


Well well well… it’s been some time since our last Kenya. We’ve all been waiting. Every Monday morning meeting we have here at the roastery comes with someone asking, “and when are we getting a new Kenya?” Well ask no more! Because here it is!

The wait’s been worth it, as this is a beautiful cup - notes of hibiscus, creamy violet, and plum jam.  

Made up of the varieties Ruiru 11 and SL28, this coffee comes from the Kaguyu Coffee Factory located in Kirinyaga County (the place to be for Kenyan coffee). Sitting at 1400 masl the factory takes cherry from small-scale farmers, grading and sorting them on location. As well as providing the mill for local farmers, the Kaguyu Coffee Factory also receives assistance from Coffee Management Services, who work on offering seminars on Good Agricultural Practices and training farmers on sustainability in the field. Outside of the world of coffee, the factory acts as a cooperative for farmers which sees members receiving school fees and emergency funds.

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Kenya A Kaguyu #019 Filter