Kenya Guama PB


Kenya Guama

We’ve had a coffee from the Guama factory in Kirinyaga before, but not the Peaberry version! Grown between 1500 and 1650 masl this coffee is juicy, sweet, full of blueberry and raspberry and of course bright like a coffee from Kenya should be.

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As usual this is a washed process and made up of the SL 28 and SL 34 Varieties, although its a screen size PB. This stands for Peaberry, a mutation where the cherry forms one small bean inside instead of two. When there are two beans they push against each other and make a flat edge, which is the traditional coffee bean shape we know and love. The peaberry is all alone and so becomes round like a pea, hence the name!


Guama factory is part of the Baragwi Co-op and is made up of about 1271 small holders from around Kianyaga town. This co-op is quite big with around 12,000 members and 12 washing stations under its roof!