Kenya Boma


Kenya Boma

New, fresh harvest Kenya has arrived! After a few years of ups and downs, Kenya had a more stable harvest this year. That means that, despite the terrible floods there are lots of coffees to pick from and they are great too!

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As you probably know we always have Kenya on offer (apart from the last 3 weeks when we ran out), because we love how jammed packed it is with fantastically fragrant fruity flavour! And the many f’s don’t do it justice.

This time we went for a very clean coffee. Balanced, with pleasant acidity, beautiful florals and of course great blueberry and blackcurrant sweetness!

The coffee grows at an altitude of 1710 meters above sea level and is processed at the Boma washing station, which has about 600 members - mostly woman.

It’s located in the Kericho region and is surrounded by tea plantations. Kericho Gold - for the tea drinkers.  It’s a washed coffee of course, sun dried on raised meshed drying beds. 


Brew a nice cup, open the doors to your backyard or balcony, and then enjoy this coffee. Take a second and don’t think about anything else. 

If you don’t have a backyard of balcony: close your eyes and put “sounds of the rainforest vol.2” on. That will also do the trick.