Indonesia Java Radiophare Espresso


Indonesia Radiophare Espresso


It’s back! From the Sunda people of west Java and grown at around 1200 - 1500 masl this natural process coffee is produced by the Klasik Beans cooperative, which has about 1000 members growing coffee on old Dutch East India plantations. This coffee is from a mill in the Puntang area, which is one of five washing stations in this co-op. It’s a blend of Catimor, Line S and Typica varieties and in the cup it’s very sweet and milky with notes of dark chocolate and stewed plum.

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Line S is not the sexiest variety name out there, or is it… It refers to a crange of varieties including - S795 and S288 originating in India. S795 is leaf rust resistant and locally known as Jember. S288 is the first generation of S26 and is a natural crossing of arabica and Liberica. If at this point you are begging for more information you can find it here.