Guatemala Santa Marta


Guatemala Santa Marta

This coffee puts a smile on our faces and is a great example of what a Guatemalan coffee can taste like. Sweet red berries and milk chocolate.

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This one is from the Santa Marta farm owned by David Rodríguez Batres in the Mataquescuintla region in New Orient.

With an altitude of 1800 - 2200 masl it is at quite a high elevation for Guatemalan coffees. 

It was harvested in January and February of this year, washed processed and sun-dried (like the tomatoes) on their patios. Like our Brazil its of the Yellow Catuai variety but thats about all it shares in common. Its sweet milk chocolate with a gentle yellow fruit (think apricot or nectarine) acidity and red berry notes and it’s very pleasant drinking all day long!