Green Coffee - Brazil 061 Natural


Green Coffee - Brazil 061 Natural

When you have guests over what do you do? Do you get out the frambozen tart you made? Do you show off your collection of craft ales? We’ve all seen the 100 pictures you took in Corfu, please don’t make us sit through them again. There’s something better. Coffee. That you roasted. 

We roast coffee and people love it, it’s like the Dear Diedre letterbox in here with the amount of adorning post we receive about our coffee. The secret? Roasting your own beans. People love when you show off something you did, some people get into making pots, some people bake cakes, but roasting your own coffee feels like it blows all those activities out of the water. 

Here’s your chance to buy some green coffee. We’ve sourced a delicious, and complex Brazil from the Andrade Brothers to help you in your quest to impress people. Because we all know that’s what life’s about right? Impressing others. 

This naturally processed coffee is a Yellow Icatu from the Sao Silvestre farm in Minas Gerais, a microlot grown at 1100 - 1200 masl that can produce some complex flavours and high acidity not often found in Brazilian coffees.  

Only available in 1 kilo bags.

This is UNROASTED coffee! You will have to roast it before you drink it :-)

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Green coffee for sale. Roast your own. Cool. Brazil baby.