Ethiopia Ture Waji Natural Espresso


Ethiopia Ture Waji Natural Espresso


Some things are made to last. They’re bred that way. To be strong, versatile, immune. Think of the desert camel - storing resources in its own back, able to go for days without food or water; think of the wood frog that freezes its own body to survive -80 celsius temperatures only to thaw out again in the spring… now think of the coffee varietals Gibirinna 74110 and Serto 74112. These two now make up some of the most planted coffees in Ethiopia due to their resistance to the Coffee Berry Disease (the other CBD). 

The Ture Waji (named after its farmer) is a natural from Guji, dried for 15-20 days on raised beds at 2173 masl. Coming from producers Sookoo Coffee, their ethos “Ethiopia first, natural processing second,” is echoed through the cup. Unlike many naturals their coffees are vibrant with high florality and acidity, a familiar palette for the Ethiopia lover. This offering is syrupy sweet with stone fruit notes and a bright acidity - delicious. 

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