Ethiopia Suke Quto


Ethiopia Suke Quto

Fresh harvest has arrived from Tesfaye Bekele and his farm Suke Quto in Guji region. This coffee was a favourite from last harvest and this year, using blockchain we can track the flow of money we paid right back to the individual farmers that contributed cherry to make up this coffee. 

It’s a washed process made up of Kurume and Welicho varieties and grown at between 1800 and 2200 masl. It is a combination of cherries from Suke Quto and 278 outgrowers around the farm. The flavour profile hasn’t changed much since last year, it’s floral and sweet with notes of white peach, black tea and lemon.

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This new blockchain system, set up by Trabocca with Fair Food tracks the flow of money in the supply chain all the way back to individual outgrowers, making the process much more transparent and direct. The other goal of the project is to identify what a living income is for a typical outgrower in Ethiopia so that we can find out whether what is paid is actually a realistic and sustainable amount for farmers. You can find more information here!